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Rina Hidaka Biography - YIFY TV Series

Rina Hidaka



Place of birth:

Chiba Prefecture, Japan:


is a Japanese actress and voice actress from Chiba Prefecture. She is affiliated with Office Osawa, having been previously with AT Production.

TV Series Credits

Vlad Love (2020)
as Mai Vlad Transylvania (voice)
Princess Connect! Re:Dive (2020)
as Mimi (voice)
Val x Love (2019)
as Saotome Mutsumi
High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World! (2019)
as Oboshi Ringo (voice)
A Certain Scientific Accelerator (2019)
as Last Order (voice)
Hensuki: Are You Willing to Fall in Love With a Pervert, As Long As She's a Cutie? (2019)
as Yuika Koga
The Rising of the Shield Hero (2019)
as Firo
Ms. Vampire Who Lives in My Neighborhood. (2018)
as Kurai Sakuya
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (2018)
as Nava Millim (voice)
Alice or Alice (2018)
as Airi (Voice)
The Ryuo's Work is Never Done! (2018)
as Hinatsuru Ai
Angel's 3Piece! (2017)
as Kurumi Nukui
Made In Abyss (2017)
as Mio (voice)
Armed Girl's Machiavellism (2017)
as Warabi Hanasaka (Main Character)
Magical Girl Raising Project (2016)
as Hardgore Alice
And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online? (2016)
as Ako Tamaki (Ako [Game Name]) (Main Character)
Symphogear (2015)
as Prelati
Show by Rock!! (2015)
as Logia (voice)
The Rolling Girls (2015)
as Kosaka Yukina
Unlimited Fafnir (2015)
as Iris Freyja (voice)
Kantai Collection: KanColle (2015)
as Mutsuki
Black Bullet (2014)
as Enju Aihara
Captain Earth (2014)
as Akari Yomatsuri
Galilei Donna (2013)
as Hozuki Ferrari
Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova (2013)
as I-400
Strike the Blood (2013)
as Akatsuki Nagisa
Servant x Service (2013)
as Momoi Kanon
Sasami-san@Ganbaranai (2013)
as Tamamonomae
Tamako Market (2013)
as Kitashirakawa Anko
Accel World EX (2012)
as Yuniko Kouzuki
Sword Art Online (2012)
as Silica (Voice)
Sword Art Online (2012)
as Silica (voice)
Campione! (2012)
as Shizuka Kusanagi
Accel World (2012)
as Kouzuki Yuniko
Inu X Boku Secret Service (2012)
as Shirakiin Ririchiyo
Waiting in the Summer (2012)
as Rinon
Star Driver (2010)
Ladies versus Butlers! (2010)
as Mimina Ōsawa
Hello Anne: Before Green Gables (2009)
as Anne Shirley (voice)
xxxHolic: Shunmuki (2009)
as Kohane Tsuyuri (voice)
A Certain Magical Index (2008)
as Last Order
xxxHolic: Kei (2008)
as Kohane Tsuyuri (voice)
くま クマ 熊 ベアー ()
as Noire Foschurose (voice)