Jan Fedder



Place of birth:

Hamburg, Germany:


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jan Fedder (born 14 January 1955 in Hamburg, Germany) is a German actor. He is best known for his role as police officer Dirk Matthies in the German television show "Großstadtrevier". He is also known for his role as the crude Petty Officer Pilgrim in Wolfgang Petersen's film, Das Boot. While filming a scene in which the U-96 is caught in a storm, Fedder lost his footing and was nearly swept off the conning tower set. Bernd Tauber (who played Navigator Kriechbaum) noticed Fedder was suddenly missing and cried out "Mann-über-Bord!" (man overboard). With the cameras still rolling, Tauber helped him to the conning tower hatch. Petersen did not realize at first that it was an accident and said "Good idea, Jan. We'll do that one more time!" before it came upon him. Fedder was hospitalized and his role was partially rewritten so that he was bed-ridden for a short portion of the film. The footage was developed and the scene in which Pilgrim is nearly swept off the submarine is one of the most memorable moments in the film.

TV Series Credits

Verbrechen (2013)
as Klaus von Nordeck
Verbrechen (2013)
as Klaus von Nordeck (Episode 3)
Ein Abend für.. (2008)
Krömer - Die internationale Show (2007)
Inas Nacht (2007)
Neues aus Büttenwarder (2001)
as Kurt Brakelmann
Der Pfundskerl (2000)
as Günther Rattmann
Die Karl Dall Show (1999)
Die Strandclique (1999)
as Waalkes
Die Kinder vom Alstertal (1998)
as Vertreter
The Harald Schmidt Show (1995)
Inseln unter dem Wind (1995)
as Kapitän Kamphagen
Heimatgeschichten (1992)
as Richard Roth
Heimatgeschichten (1992)
as Ulf Bartels
Heimatgeschichten (1992)
as Johannes Jessen
Heimatgeschichten (1992)
as Dirk Matthies
Heimatgeschichten (1992)
as Harry Peschke
Zwei Münchner in Hamburg (1989)
as Bauer Glotz
Das Nest (1989)
as Markus
Peter Strohm (1989)
as Lenz
Kasse bitte! (1988)
Die Männer vom K3 (1988)
as Helmut Bruhns
Der Landarzt (1987)
as Herr Stendal
Großstadtrevier (1986)
as Dirk Matthies
Großstadtrevier (1986)
as Holger Pohl
Großstadtrevier (1986)
as Grosser
Großstadtrevier (1986)
as Kipernik
Finkenwerder Geschichten (1986)
as Schanghai
Detektivbüro Roth (1986)
as Freund von Fräulein Fleming
The Boat (1985)
as Bootsmaat Pilgrim
Der Fahnder (1984)
as Martin Meyer
Das Traumschiff (1981)
as Bernhard Westphal
A case for two (1981)
as Charly
A case for two (1981)
as Volker Klages
Auf Achse (1980)
St. Pauli-Landungsbrücken (1979)
SOKO 5113 (1978)
as Paul
Sonderdezernat K1 (1972)
as Wagner Junior
Hamburg Transit (1970)
as Uwe Holm
Scene of the Crime (1970)
as Wolfgang Patschke
Scene of the Crime (1970)
as 1.Typ
Stars in der Manege (1959)